sweet promises

I was encouraged by the
daily devotion a few days ago
to meditate on the
exceeding great and precious promises
which were given unto us (2 Peter 1:4) –
for if we do not meditate upon them,
it is like looking at honey
sealed within a jar,
not even tasting one spoonful.

But the honey of God’s Word
which is
sweeter also than honey
and the honeycomb
(Psalm 19:10)
flows like an infinite reservoir,
freely given unto us.

Will we taste and see
that the LORD is good
? (Psalm 34:8)


After having started work,
time alone has become
a scarce commodity.

With dinners and weekends
spent out,
it seems like there is never
time for self-reflection,
meditation on the truth.

If I were a stalk of flower,
time alone would be as water
to my dehydrated roots.
I thrive on it,
and would wilt from the
lack of it.

I am best around sunflowers and butterflies,
in nature away from the crowd,
quietly singing to myself,
strolling –
unhurried and still.

And yet, the conflicting desire
to conform to the
extroverted norm which society lauds
is a huge struggle.

Gone are the days
where Christians spend
hours just tarrying in
God’s presence.

At the end of the day,
courage and discipline I need
to carve out such times
that I may walk
closely with the Lord.

not on hold

Waiting is a
holding pattern,
like the plane which is constantly
circling the airport,
about to land, but not yet –
Yet my life is not on hold
til that which I wait for
I have life abundant now,
if I leave sin
and cleave unto God.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

seasons of life

When summer brings
the temperature to a boil,
look not for winter,
long not for cold weather,
but bask in the sun –
run, swim, go out to play!

When winter encroaches onto fall,
and the temperatures plummet,
look not for summer,
long not for warm weather,
but watch the snowflakes’ dainty descent –
and catch one in your hand.

the Lord our portion

Be persuaded, that God in Christ is the only good. Seek the discovery of the glory of God in Christ. Persons may harangue ever so long about the world’s emptiness and vanity; but they will never part with it until they get something better in the place of it. Something the man must have to set his heart upon. 

Therefore, until the unsearchable riches of Christ are revealed to the soul, so as your soul’s desire run out after him — the husks of the world will be your portion. 

People may think it is their principle, that the world is but vanity; yet still they are taken up with the vanity thereof, until they see the glory of God. The Lord is a full and sufficient good — he is a proportionate good, suiting the soul: he is an everlasting good, suiting the immortal soul.

-Ralph Erskine