A Prayer for Today

May Thou teach me, blessed Master,
Just to live day by day,
Taking one step at a time,
Along this pilgrim way.

May I fulfil Thy Will for me,
Thy purposes this day,
And whilst I work, remembering
For daily bread to pray.

I know not when I’ll breathe my last,
I know not when I’ll die.
But ere the fleeting hours pass,
My life, Lord, sanctify.

I’ll not worry for tomorrow,
To-day is all I have,
To consecrate it all to Thee,
Before I sleep in death.

I wrote this poem on March 26th 2015, when my heart was drawn to dwell upon the potential occurence of a friendship. Will it happen? How will it happen? When? Amidst the uncertainty, the Lord reminded me to sit still. And so I was moved to pen this prayer, which reflected my desire to fulfil His Will for me today instead of worrying about the future.

Now, two years have gone by. That friendship did come to pass, in God’s own timing, and has in turn brought its share of joys and sorrows. Now, two years on, my heart is still so prone to dwell on the cares of this earth. Will I get a job? How will I get it? When? It seems that at every stage of life, there will always be an uncertain future to look towards. This means at every stage of life, we tend to worry about the next.

Yet, it is better to trust in Christ, our good Shepherd, as He goes before us to lead the way. Step by step, we just follow in His footsteps. We don’t know the way, but Christ does.

Shepherd and sheep drawing

‘And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.’ (Psalm 9:10)

Will you also resolve to live day by day? Wholeheartedly devote your energies to serving God today; it will not be in vain.

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