Two Voices: To Share or Not to Share

(Note: Just a little satire)

Should I share?

Oh yes, just go ahead and share openly!
Perchance someone on this earth teeming with
Billion of souls may
Think what you think,
Feel what you feel,
Weep when you weep.
Is not that what you crave for,

Alright. I shall share.

Oh no, wait, but if you share,
There might be many more
Who do not understand,
And misconstrue the message.
Whatever you say
May fly over their heads.
How can you bear to take such a risk,
To reveal and expose your inner world
To those that might trample upon it?

Then I shall not share.

But what do you care,
What people think?
Are insights meant
To be hidden?
Are treasures meant
To be kept locked under seal,
Never to be of any use?

Maybe…in that case…I shall share.

You are exposing yourself to danger!
Knowledge is power,
And if they know what is on your mind,
They have knowledge
Which they can abuse.

So tell me – should I share, or not?!

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