In the Aftermath

(Note: Eventually decided to share.)

Man’s extremity
Is God’s opportunity.

And so it has been,
That in the crucible,
The Lord is teaching me
About Him, about myself.

About God.
Christ is the
Lover of my soul,
And He loves me perfectly.
Infinitely strong and steadfast
Is His love,
And that is where I rest
My weary head.

Christ is the
Shepherd who leads me infallibly,
Wherever He leads is good,
Even if it might disappoint
His Word and Providence
Go hand in hand
To unfold the path I should take
With greater clarity.

About myself.
How, truly, it has been said that,
And I quote –
A touch is a blow,
A sound is a noise,
A misfortune is a tragedy,
A joy is an ecstasy,
A friend is a lover*,
A lover is a “god”*,
And failure is death*.
Somewhat hyperbolic,
But to a highly sensitive spirit
What feeling is not heightened,
What emotion is not intensified?

How I shed tears at the slightest
Tenderness shown by others towards me,
Weep from knowing that
There is someone who cares –
How I crave, undisturbed,
An oasis of calm, peace and quiet,
Filled with the warm
Bliss of simple pleasures –
How I am actually soft and vulnerable,
No matter how stony I portray myself to be.


*It is not factually correct and true to say this. Despite its incorrectness, it nonetheless struck a chord with me. The main message is that friendships are valued and esteemed highly, romantic relationships even more highly, and failure is to be avoided at all costs.

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