Enough for Me

There were strange soul depths, restless, vast, and broad,
Unfathomed as the sea;
An infinite craving for some infinite stilling;
But now Thy perfect love is perfect filling,
Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord, my God,
Thou, Thou art enough for me.

-Frances Havergal

I have always loved this stanza of her poem, “Enough”. Love is an understatement; it echoes in my mind every now and then since I came across it a few years back. 


My heart hungers,
Its thirst for love
It is not so much
A desire than a need,
And as long as the need is not met,
There is a deep throbbing ache –
Always pulsating the question,
Who would love me?

But why look to man,
The arm of flesh,
Which grows weary, tired,
And withers in an instant,
Subject to the malevolent forces of
Time, and

But why look to man,
When God’s love is so
More real than what we see –
So beckoning,
Just inviting us to take the plunge –
So full and so complete,
That He is all we need?

Romans 8:35

Who shall separate us 
from the love of Christ?
shall tribulation, or distress, or
persecution, or famine, or
nakedness, or peril, or 


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