Frances Havergal

If anyone were to ask me
who is the woman I earnestly desire to become,
apart from the characters recorded in Scripture,
I would point to my
heroine in the faith –
Frances Havergal.

Her biography can be read here and here. I will share more of her life and writings from time to time, but two short excerpts will suffice for now: 

• During her lifetime, Frances turned down several offers of marriage, and severed friendships that brought her keen pain to renounce, because she felt they hindered full consecration to Christ. (This has always struck a chord with me, but all the more now. She remained single her entire life for God’s glory, singularly devoted to His work – and why can’t I, if God wills?)

• Her devotion to the Saviour was so great and obvious, it was said that when she entered the room, there was a consciousness that two people entered the room: Frances and the Holy Spirit. (When people don’t see or remember me for my earthly attributes at all, but simply for Christ in me, then I have truly succeeded.)

    I am far from it,
    so far from it I know,
    but what invigorates me is that
    the same Holy Spirit that dwelt in her
    resides now within me
    and will give me grace sufficient
    for life’s endeavour.

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