After having started work,
time alone has become
a scarce commodity.

With dinners and weekends
spent out,
it seems like there is never
time for self-reflection,
meditation on the truth.

If I were a stalk of flower,
time alone would be as water
to my dehydrated roots.
I thrive on it,
and would wilt from the
lack of it.

I am best around sunflowers and butterflies,
in nature away from the crowd,
quietly singing to myself,
strolling –
unhurried and still.

And yet, the conflicting desire
to conform to the
extroverted norm which society lauds
is a huge struggle.

Gone are the days
where Christians spend
hours just tarrying in
God’s presence.

At the end of the day,
courage and discipline I need
to carve out such times
that I may walk
closely with the Lord.

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