God’s love

“上帝爱我, 上帝爱我~”
Was humming a choral piece for church
when the connection between
two of Pastor’s recent messages
became apparent.

The first a few Sundays back was on
man’s perpetual neediness and
God’s all-sufficiency.
The second this Tuesday night
was on experiencing God’s love.

It struck me that though
by His grace I am materially
provided for,
what I constantly need is love –
and that God’s love is truly
all-sufficient to meet my need.

And sometimes I do not experience
the fulness of God’s love
because I look to fellow man for help
to meet this pressing need,
and forget that that same person
is desperate for love as well.

How can a starving beggar
feed and fill the stomachs
of another starving beggar?

Disappointment ensues
when we look to broken cisterns.
It is not out of bitterness
this is spoken –
I really love my family and friends –
but an acknowledgement of a fact
that we all
need God’s love to fill us first.

And that will be
a beautiful sight
to behold.

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