cushy cushy

My heart is now at rest –
Life is definitely not easy
nor a bed of roses,
but right now I’m happy

I know the sovereignty of God
has placed me where I am,
in the very situation
I’ve been trying to escape from –
and I am at rest
from fighting the
Providence of God in my life.

I wanted so much to be
that perfect girl from a perfect
Christian home,
but it is not God’s Will.

There is no reason to
strain to be who I’m not
supposed to be,
but embrace all that God has given me,
and who I am,
as He appointed

not fatalistic, weary or resigned,
but with a heart filled with love,

that this tough life
with its various problems and challenges
might be
cushy cushy (:
(Imagines soft fluffy feather pillows
with pretty pink laces –
I love the sound of this word.)

Am so thankful for uncles and aunties
who ask about my teaching work.

Just as I am on the verge
of losing my voice,
I find myself
and my voice in this world

I shall choose love.

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