the training school of pain

Every now and then,
Pastor will talk about the differing trials
that God allots to every Christian.
Some face fiery trials in the beginning of their Christian walk,
while others face theirs in the middle,
and yet others only at the end.

A few of them, he says,
face them all throughout.

Inwardly, I cringe a little –
“let it not be me” –
my flesh desiring a smoother,
less rocky
path after 10 long years of
persecution and affliction.

(The start was fiery,
and surely now my rest comes?)

the Lord reminds me of

the refinement these fiery trials have wrought –
a stedfast conviction of the truth of God.

If the journey does grow easier,
I might grow more afraid
to confess
Take the world, but
give me Jesus,

more afraid to sacrifice all.

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