the final interview

I walked past the same Choco Express and Toast Box,
heard the same cheesy “come take me higher” song that is always
being played,
went up the same lift to level 5 –

only that it was after noonday,
not before,

realised I will miss this same place

and though I’m leaving,
the experiences I’ve had here are worth remembering,

the multitude of interactions,
tiny and insignificant as they are
if viewed in isolation,
which have changed me in some way,

the cumulative sum of four long months,

the good and the bad.

I’ve a tendency to try to erase
the unpleasant memories,
but remember it vividly I shall,
if only to remind me of my
mortal finiteness,
who I was
and next time looking back,
how far I’ve grown.

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