God’s Providence is a most harmonious guide that cooperates with the Word –
they never contradict.

After the experiences of this whirlwind year,
I have renewed faith in the powerful workings of Providence like never before –
and I firmly believe that if I wait on God every step of the way,
God will work all things out beautifully,
extremely beautifully,
that all I can do is marvel in awe
at His perfect masterpiece.

But if I don’t wait on God
and rush ahead of Him,
it will be the ugliest patchwork which I stubbornly try to sew together,
albeit in vain,
for all will ultimately untangle and unravel,
leaving me crying over the messy knots.

I have cried over messy knots;
I have marveled in awe
at what is
and can only be
His portrait of Providence.

The negative,
and then the positive –
to teach me the blessedness
of staying in His Will for me.

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