I am

~a Bible-believing Christian. This means I believe the Bible to be God’s
perfectly inspired and preserved Word,
and that it is to be my sole and supreme authority
for my faith and practice.
My main purpose in life is to
glorify God with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength;
and enjoy the unbreakable, eternal covenant relationship
of love I have with Him.

~a twenty-something millennial who yearns for a simple and elegant life.
I used to be a high-achiever who operated by the motto: “the busier, the better”.
Studying in elite schools all my life only helped to reinforce this do-it-all mindset.
It was only as an undergraduate that I realized I do not want to be in this frantic race
for more.

As I consciously turn away from this relentless pursuit of more achievements and accomplishments,
I acknowledge the effects that the past had on my well-being,
especially my physical health in particular.
Amongst other health issues, I have adrenal fatigue,
which leaves me extremely tired for a substantial part of the day.
God willing, by living simply, I will eventually recover and be fully well again.

~an aspiring feminine woman.
After more than a decade of espousing feminism
(and behaving like a tomboy in my younger days),
I strongly advocate for a return to traditional femininity,
where the calling to be a wife and stay-at-home mother
is a sacred and noble one.

~a highly sensitive, introverted creative.
I love to write,
be it prose or poetry.
I also enjoy other forms of creative expressions
such as music and photography.
I hope to explore more of these beautiful art forms
if and when opportunity arises.