sitting at Jesus’ feet

Somehow talking to those much wiser than me
reveals how my “well-thought out” ideas 
are actually very juvenile –

like a child who thinks his first portrait
is like Rembrandt’s,
or his first tune is like Mozart’s –

but this is all part of growing in wisdom,
and I would rather keenly feel
how stupid I am –
and cherish with joy
each morsel of instruction
presented to me.

The fear of the LORD is the
instruction of wisdom;
and before honour is humility.

(Proverbs 15:33)

For humility,
to know my frailty and
my ignorance,

to know how much I need guidance
and to rely on God.

the ironies of life

One thing have I noticed,
one thing have I observed
from the lives of those around me:

The more a soul seeks after friends or love or honour or riches or fame or glory
(or insert any other thing we seek after),
the more elusive they’ll be to that soul,
and the more vexation of spirit he experiences.

The less a soul seeks after all these things,
oh! the surprise that soul gets when,
besides the abiding presence of the All-in-all,
he receives many temporal blessings
he never hankered for.

The irony
is the the former will scrutinize the latter
with shining green eyes,
envying his successes and yet not willing to
delight solely in the LORD.

The old Puritan divine, Richard Baxter, is then wise for saying:

remember that honour is such a thing as is found sooner by an honest contempt of it, than by an inordinate affection of it, and seeking it. It is a shadow which goeth from you if you follow it, and follows you as fast as you go from it.

growing in gentleness

“Martha Elliott is a good woman, but her goodness is without grace or beauty.”

Katy describing Martha (who didn’t like Katy and her playful, vivacious personality): “It is only want of sympathy. She is too really good to be hostile to any one.”

It may not be hostility, but the lack of sympathy likewise casts shadows into people’s hearts.

I must remember that
as much as goodness is one of the fruits
of the Spirit,
so is gentleness.

this, is the perfect picture of sympathy.
Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.‘ (Romans 12:10)

I’m not there yet,
but I’m getting there
slowly by His grace. (‘: