There were many times
I must admit,
especially when I no longer
come home to home cooked food,
that I find eating a hassle.

I was guilty of wishing
I didn’t have to eat
(there’s just so many things to be done!)
Not that I don’t enjoy good food,
but when there’s work to do,
I have a desire to just keep at it
until it’s finished.

I disliked the gnawing hunger pangs
and even more disliked the gastric pains
which prompted me to have my meals
like clockwork.

reading a book changed my
entire perspective
on eating.

Edith Schaeffer in her book, 
The Hidden Art of Homemaking, 
makes it clear that

food is not just food,
but it involves
and a sense of beauty and pleasure.

She stressed that even if
one is eating alone,
he must know that
he has the LORD for company.

This reminded me to cultivate
a very thankful spirit 
whenever I partake in food,
even when I am alone,
which would be the norm till
mummy comes back.

Not “huh, after a few hours
I must eat again” –
but thank You LORD,
my gracious Provider,
for giving me this day my daily bread.

I shall eat
not with drudgery,
but with much joy.

Whether therefore ye eat,
or drink,
or whatsoever ye do,
do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31